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Tommy Foundation, Children's Literacy, & Animal Rescue

AbsolutelyDottie is about helping others. A percentage of our sales from all of our shops goes towards The Tommy Foundation, Children's Literacy, and animal rescue.

The Tommy Foundation
The Tommy Foundation was established in honor of my mom. She battled cancer 3 times and beat it twice. When she was diagnosed the last time, I brought in a soft blanket for her. When she placed her hand on it, I saw a moment of peace come over her. That moment will stay with me forever. My mom fought this last time with incredible courage and amazing grace. She spent many months in the hospital and her blanket stayed with her until the very end. It gave her an extra amount of TLC and a bit of comfort of home. My goal for the Tommy Foundation is to provide each patient the same comforts and peace. Tommy was my mom's nickname given to her by her father!